The Iowa Caucus: The Real Initial Test For The US Presidential Candidates

The GOP’s Iowa caucus results have been among the top trending general news. The results have been a surprise on one end and an almost obvious case on the other. Texas Senator Ted Cruz got an amazing support that made him victorious over national favorite, Donald Trump. On the other hand, Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders was defeated by the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. Another surprise in the race between Sanders and Clinton is the slight defeat by Clinton, which has been considered a virtual tie between them. Cruz vs. TrumpMany people focused on Trump, who has always been a winner since he became famous. As he is successful in his businesses, he has also been victorious in his presidential campaign. However, the Iowa caucus wasn’t much of a victory to Mr. Trump. Trump has always led in the recent national polls, even choosing to ignore last debate. He had attacked Ted Cruz with reproaches when he visited Iowa though Cruz cruised passed him in the state’s caucus. Earlier on, many doubted if Trump will perform well in Iowa. Nonetheless, Trump claims that he was honored to become second after Cruz. Trump also considers the New Hampshire polls as one of his top strongholds, which is coming next Tuesday, 9th February 2016. Cruz, who was victorious, cited that the Republican nominee and the 45th president of America will not be determined by the media, the Washington establishment, or the lobbyists. On the contrary, Cruz says that the next president of America will be chosen by the American people, whom he considers as the most amazing, powerful force. Throughout the campaign, Trump has been the GOP front-runner in the national polls, who was victorious over Rubio and Cruz. Cruz came second while Rubio came in the third place.Trump had a slight lead over Cruz in the recent pre-vote polls though Ted Cruz was victorious over Trump in the recent weeks. Clinton vs. SandersHillary Clinton’s presidential election campaign said that it will declare victory in the Iowa race. Clinton said that she felt relieved after winning in Iowa caucus. She also claimed that she is progressive and only aims at serving the people.

Clinton also cited that she is one of the reformers in America, and is ready to change the status quo. As usual, Clinton faced war from the Republican National Committee, which stated that the Democratic Iowa caucus was an absolute killer for Mrs. Clinton and the Democratic Party. This is because the Clinton’s Monday night results were very close to Sanders.Sanders, on the other hand, said that the race against Clinton seemed like a virtual tie. He also said that the people of Iowa have communicated to the economic, political, and the media establishment. Clinton has been in the lead in all the major national polls though Sanders has gained momentum since the summer, and he is making a great progress. The Iowa caucus has led to mixed expectations of the Democratic party. Other candidatesMarco Rubio came third in the Iowa caucus, and he said that he will be the Republican nominee. It was reported that Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley will suspend the Monday night campaign. Mike Huckabee also tweeted earlier that he has suspended his campaign for the GOP nomination. Former Florida governor Jeb Bush had initially spent a lot of money in Iowa though he got low numbers in the caucus. VerdictEven though Iowa caucus is considered the initial real report card for the presidential candidates, a win doesn’t assure a candidate’s nomination of their party’s convention. However, becoming victorious in Iowa shows momentum for the rest of the campaign year. Conversely, a weak performance in Iowa might be a sign that the candidate will perform poorly in the presidential polls. There was a large group of undecided voters in each party in Iowa, which was uncertain who would have an obvious win in the state. A reason for the uncertain declaration of the winner in the state is that most of Trump and Sanders’ supporters are new to the whole process. They are also embittered by the traditional politics. The winners of the Iowa caucus haven’t performed well in the nomination process of their party. The state began the national nomination process of each party, but the procedure is not common to other states around the country. Since the caucus process is not common to many supporters, the candidates are getting surprising numbers.

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